Friday, March 18, 2011

Serving the Towns of Bethany – Orange - Woodbridge
Phone @203) 389-5991
135 Bradley Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Unapproved Minutes for DAC Board Meeting March 10, 2011
Present: Joan Blaskey, Joseph Hellauer, Cheryl Lipson, Brian Laubstein, DVM, James Zeoli, Pamela
Andreson, Clerk
Guests: Steve Sappo, Bridget Albert, Jeannine Russo, Fred Musante
Saff: Paul Niedmann, Dave Dorso, Gail Evanko, Dottie Bedan
1) Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Blaskey at 7:33 PM.
2) Pledge Of Allegiance was recited.
3) Introductions.
4) Public Participation: Steve Sappo asked to get cat back that he says was stolen by a by a board member.
Woodbridge PD ruled the case a civil matter. Hellauer will make some calls and get back to Sappo. Lynn
Donato brought Henri by for an update. She thanked everyone at DAC again for all their help.
5) Review and approval of February 10, 2011 meeting. Motion by Laubstein/Hellauer to accept minutes.
Five approved, 1 abstained.
6) Treasurer's Report – Joseph Hellauer: Two areas need adjusting. Adjustment can be made by internal
transfer. Bethany and Woodbridge paid last quarter dues. Orange needs to make their payment. Motion
to accept treasurer's report by Laubstein/Zeoli. All in favor.
7) Census – Paul Niedmann: There were 5 animal redeemed, 10 sold as pets, 0 DOA, 1 euthanized. Total of
84 complaints, 1 animal bite and 1 infraction; summon issued. In Bethany 7 wildlife calls 24 cat, dog and
horse calls. In Orange 12 wild animal calls 18 dog & cat calls. In Woodbridge 21 wildlife calls and 21
dog complaints and 1 alpaca call. The number of wildlife calls are unusually high due to lots of coyotes
out. Blaskey noted that Waterbury shelter is full, can we do anything to help? Niedmann stated they are
mostly pits and pit mixes and Niedmann does not want to take them. Albert is willing to call a few rescue
groups about Waterbury dogs.
8) Chairperson's Report – Blaskey asked Dray to read a letter of appreciation to Dr. Nanavati. Hellauer
stated that flooding did not occur at DAC even though all ACO's were ready to evacuate the animals.
Public posting of Full Time ACO position in all three towns. Applications are due into Woodbridge
Town Hall by 4PM on Monday March 14th. Hiring committee is Hellauer, Blaskey and Dray. Zeoli
brought up leave of absence for Evanko for 4-6 weeks. Evanko has a follow-up appointment next week.
Evanko stated that she tried to come back to work and has a letter that she is ready to come back to work
at full duty, but was told she could not return. Zeoli stated that the board will not act on leave until
Evanko provide letter stating she can return to full duty.
9) Motion to go into executive session by Zeoli/Hellauer at 8:15PM to discuss budget, personnel and facility
issues. Niedmann was invited in for personnel and facility issue portion. All in favor.
10) Return to regular session at 9:56PM. No motions made, no actions taken during executive session.
Meeting adjourned at 9:59PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Andreson Unapproved March 10, 2010