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January 14, 2014

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Attendance:  Chairman John Grabowski, Sharon Huxley, John Ford IV, Robert Brinton Jr., Chip Spear, Sally Huyser joined the meeting at 7:25 pm.


Visitors:  Michael Battista, Brian Laubstein, First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski


Chairman Grabowski called the meeting of the Board of Finance to order at 7:07 pm.  The meeting was held in the Selectmen’s Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall. 



The Chairman called for a motion of approval for the minutes of the previous meeting of December 10, 2013.  The motion of approval was moved by Chip Spear and seconded by Robert Brinton Jr.  There were no changes made to the minutes.  The minutes were then accepted on a unanimous vote. 



Chairman Grabowski announced that he was notified of the appointment of Charles Dumais as the new superintendent of Amity Regional High School.  Superintendent Dumais has come to Amity from the Town of Newtown school system. 



Michael Battista addressed the Board of Finance regarding the 2012-13 Town Audit.  O’Connor and Davies has not completed the audit.  The Town will have to apply to the State for another extension.   Marcia Marian has notified the Town that her head auditor doing the Bethany work is no longer with the company.  She has assured the Town that she or another experienced auditor will finish the audit before the expiration period.



It has been determined by an actuarial evaluation completed by the State of Connecticut, that the total for fiscal years 2005-07 for the Highway Department MERS Pension Plan due from the Town of Bethany to the State of Connecticut is $37,000.  The Board of Finance will have to determine if the funding will come from the General Fund.



The Board again discussed the Farmer’s Market and the hiring of a director.  There is a balance in the fund of $1,513.30.  It was suggested that the Park and Recreation oversee its operation.  Board members requested that perhaps the person they had in mind as director could come in and talk with the Board of Finance about their ideas of operation. 






Chairman Grabowski has spoken with the Elementary School Budget Committee and they have indicated that the budget for the Elementary School will increase 1.8% or $121,000.  The school enrollment will decrease by 35 students next year. 



The Amity budget will increase 3.7% overall.  The increase to Bethany will be $573,770 plus an additional $345,817 for the additional Bethany students.  We will receive a refund from Amity of $82,129 from a surplus in the 2012-13 Amity budget.  There could be an additional request of $65,492 as an adjustment for the self-insurance medical insurance fund as they have had large claims this year. 



First Selectwoman Gorski discussed with the Board of Finance the request from Karen Walton to be appointed as an Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer and Assessor’s Assistant since she has completed her schooling.  The class #4 rate for this position is $42,672.  A motion was moved by Chairman Grabowski and seconded by Sharon Huxley to promote Karen Walten to the position of Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer/Assessor’s Assistant.  The vote was called.  The vote taken was unanimous.



First Selectwoman Gorski received a notice from H. D.Segur that an adjustment was needed in the premium for workmen’s compensation due to storm related overtime by the Highway Department.  The projected payroll is sent in one year in advance.  There was no way of predicting this increase.  The increase will be $5,361 to the General Insurance line item.  There should be a surplus in the Employee’s Health Insurance budget if a transfer is needed to offset this extra cost. 


The State of Connecticut will be allowing municipalities to join the Nutmeg Network in the future for internet connection.  The school and Resident Troopers Office have already been connected.  The cost for this will be less than we are presently paying for this service.



Brian Laubstein spoke to the Board regarding the closing of two classrooms at the Elementary School due to decreasing enrollment for next year.  He also reported that three positions are being eliminated from the present staff for next year due to reduced enrollment.  As a member of the Board of Education he is hoping that there will be a zero increase in the school budget.



                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                                                June G. Riley

                                                                                                                Clerk, Board of Finance