Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bethany Conservation Commission

February 27th 2020

Meeting Minutes (Unapproved)


            Bruce Loomis called the meeting to order at 8:05pm. Also in attendance were Brian Eitzer, Patsy Winer and Matthew Popp. The Commission welcomed guests Marie Pulito and Allison Beres-nork.


            Marie spoke to the Commission on behalf of Sustainable Bethany about their interest in creating a “pollinator pathway” in Bethany to create an environment for bees to flourish. Their idea is to work with multiple groups in town to build the “pathway” over the course of a year. They suggested that the land could be town-owned, private property, or part of a land trust, and any combination thereof. Marie mentioned that the neighboring town of Hamden’s Land Trust is already underway working on building a “pathway” in their town. Marie also spoke to the Commission about a second project that Sustainable Bethany is working on, which is planting trees in town as a recovery effort from damages due to the tornado in May of 2018. She mentioned the possible planting of chestnut trees specifically as part of that effort. Marie stated that she would keep in touch with the Commission with new information about both projects since they both are in their beginning stages. She asked that the Commission consider helping with both projects and that we keep a lookout for possible land that could be used for the “pathway”. The Commission noted that Sustainable Bethany’s primary mission seemed different than what was described in the email received before the previous meeting.


            There were no bills. The Commission received two nominations for this year’s Conservationist of the Year award. The Commission also received the annual request from Bethany Community School to sponsor their annual conservation awards in the amount of $60.00. They give the awards one boy and one girl each year. Brian moved that the Commission spend the money to fund the awards, Matt seconded. The motion passed.


Brian moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting, Patsy seconded. Bruce suggested that in paragraph six, “windmills” should be changed to “wind generators”. The minutes were accepted as amended.


            The Commission discussed Allison’s interest in becoming a member. She will speak to the First Selectwoman about becoming officially appointed.


            The Commission discussed the town’s open space plan.


            Brian moved to adjourn the meeting, Patsy seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.



            Respectfully submitted,


            Matthew Popp

            Secretary pro-tempore