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Unapproved Minutes for DAC Board Meeting December10, 2009

Present: Joan Blaskey, Joseph Hellauer, Cheryl Lipson, Brian Laubstein, DVM, Fred Dray, Pamela Andreson, Clerk

Absent: James Zeoli

Staff: Paul Niedmann, Dottie Bedan

1) Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Blaskey at 7:30 PM.
2) Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
3) Introductions.
4) Review and approval of November 12, 2009 meeting. Remove last line of item 8. Motion by Lipson/Hellauer to accept minutes as revised. All approved.
5) Census – Fred Dray: Out take: 3 redeemed, and 10 sold as pets, 0 DOA and 0 euthanized. There were 0 bites, 115 complaints, and 0 bites and 0 infractions.
6) Lead ACO report – Paul Niedmann: Census down probably because of weather. Volunteer did not show up to put canopy over cat feeding area. Pregnant beagle had 4 puppies. She needs to get treated for heart-worm and then spayed. Hellauer wanted it noted that Niedmann has 19 vacation days that he is unable to use by the end of the year. Hellauer/Laubstein made a motion to let Niedmann carry over his vacation days. Unanimous approval. Gail is doing fine. Niedmann will find out on Monday what hours she will be available. Mary has 4 vacation days, 0 sick days and 0 personal days left.
7) Treasurer's Report – Joe Hellauer: Bethany and Orange paid 1st quarter dues. Woodbridge is waiting until January. Checking account has $2,751.62. Money Market has $37, 122.73. Total amount is $39,874.35. Overtime is running about $1,000.00 per month. AARF brought gifts on wish list to DAC. Money that is donated gets deposited with adoption fees. AARF has donated $8,400 to DAC for animal care in the last 18 months. Dray has created a new sign in sheet and will send it to legal department to be sure DAC can contact visitors for donations.
8) Chairman's Report – Joan Blaskey:
· Meeting dates for the next 13 months was handed out. One conflict, November 11th was changed to November 9th. All approved.
· Dick Farrell is willing to give free food or discounted food to DAC. Laubstein will also check with his vendors to see if he could get a deal on food for DAC.
9) Motion to go into executive session by Laubstein/Dray to update personnel issues at 8:35 PM. All in favor. No motions made, no actions taken during executive session. Return to regular session at 9:25 PM.
10) Motion to adjourn by Hellauer/Laubstein at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Andreson