Friday, June 3, 2011

APRIL 25, 2011
Page 1 of 2Attendance: Chairman Janet Brunwin, Sally Huyser, Chip Spears, John Grabowski, Robert Brinton Jr., First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski

Visitors: Kathleen Schurman

Chairman Brunwin called the meeting of the Board of Finance to order at 8:07 p.m. The special meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall.

Chairman Brunwin moved to approve the minutes of the March 31, 2011 meeting. Sally Huyser seconded the motion. Chairman Brunwin moved to amend the minutes by adding an s to the word need so that the sentence reads as follows: The car they are presently using needs a lot of repair. She also added the total cost of dump truck as $197,000 and the total cost of the back hoe as $140,000. The amended minutes were then accepted on a unanimous vote.

Chairman Brunwin moved to appoint Marian & Company LLC as the auditors for the audit of 2010-11. Chip Spear seconded the motion. The vote was called. The vote was unanimous.

Chairman Brunwin has received correspondence from David Forman regarding replacement of guard rails throughout the Town, especially on Wooding Hill Road. Board members discussed various types of fencing for replacement. When the consultant from COG is in town to evaluate road construction, he will be asked to give suggestions about proper fencing at various locations.

A staff meeting was held today to discuss development of a more detailed accounting system of Park and Recreation accounts. This will enable the Board of Finance and the Park and Recreation Commission the ability to closely monitor both expenditures and revenues by program starting in July 2011. Chip Spear moved to separate operation of the Pavilion in the same manner. Chairman Brunwin seconded his motion. The vote taken was unanimous.

Amity Regional has reduced their budget by $34,819. A modification will be made on the expenditure side of the budget, making the requested budget for Amity $8,439,785.

The Governor’s budget may restore the Manufacturing Grant, or make other modifications to other State Revenue’s, however at this time these changes have not been voted on at the State level. The Board of Finance determined that no changes would be made to the Revenues at this time. If Bethany’s State revenues are increased after the Town Meeting, an adjustment can be made by lowering the mill rate.

The balance in the Police Revenue account at this time is $47,029. This revenue is collected and put in a separate account, separating it from expenditures. This money has been collected throughout the year for police duties (i.e tree trimming on roads). This procedure was established 2004 at which time the Board of Finance adopted this policy at their meeting on April 1, 2004. The Board of Finance voted unanimously at that time to keep police revenues separate. Following discussion Chairman Brunwin moved to transfer $25,000 to the Capital Reserve Fund for Non-recurring Expenditures, from the 2010-11 Police Revenue Account, for the purpose of purchasing a police cruiser during fiscal year 2010-11 from the Capital Reserve Fund for Non-recurring Expenditures, with approval to be voted at the Annual Town Meeting May 16, 2011. Sally Huyser seconded the motion. The vote taken was unanimous.

The Board discussed the setting up of new account numbers and the development of the General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports for the Town’s accounting system. Following discussion it was determined that $15,000 should be appropriated as a Capital and Non-recurring Expenditure for this purpose. Chairman Brunwin then moved a motion to increase the Fund for Capital & Nonrecurring Expenditures from $450,000 to $484,819 to include the $15,000 expenditure for audit services to set up the changes to the accounting system.

The salary increases as appropriated at last year’s Annual Town Meeting and listed as Reserve for Negotiations will be transferred to the individual line items.

The next meeting of the Board of Finance scheduled for May 10, 2011 will be canceled till after the Annual Town Meeting at which time the mill rate will be set.

Adjournment was called at 8: 45 p.m. after a motion was moved by Chip Spear and seconded by John Grabowski. The vote taken was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

June G. Riley
Clerk, Board of Finance