Friday, June 5, 2009


The special meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Commission Meeting Room of the Bethany Town Hall, 40 Peck Road, Bethany, Connecticut.

The following Commission members were present:
Sharon Huxley, Chairman
Melissa Spear, Vice-Chairman
John Ford IV, Member
Mary Shurtleff, Member
Patricia Winer, Member
Donald Shea Jr., Alternate Member

The following Commission members were excused:
Marc Adelberg, Alternate Member
Nellie Rabinowitz, Alternate Member

Also present were:
Hiram Peck, Town Planning Consultant
Isabel Kearns, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Karen Walton, Land Use Assistant
Kenneth Martin, Chairman of the Conservation Commission

· Public Meeting to discuss the revised Plan of Conservation and Development and the Open Space Plan.

Chairman Huxley stated this is an informational meeting and not a public hearing.

Hiram Peck, Planning Consultant, prepared a power point presentation pertaining to the revised POCD. Mr. Peck stated the Commission is soliciting public input and would like to receive comments and integrate them into the Plan.

Conservation Commission held a special meeting in conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Commission. Ken Martin, Chairman of the Conservation Commission, reviewed the draft Open Space Plan.

Some of the public commented on the following:
· Page 30, Letter f. – Should this be in this Section? Sentence above Letter a. reads “Bethany has also completed the following municipal improvements and additions.”
· Page 26, Village District Criteria – Choose 8 Village Districts, how did you come up with those eight and what are the size factors.
· How do you get on the Village District list?
· Page 30, under municipal facilities there is no mention of the recreational facility review that was done by the Yale Urban Design Workshop and the Airport Steering Committee.
· Page 30, under municipal facilities the Veteran’s Memorial Park now has a playground.
· Page 14, Letter d. – Encouraging people to come in and allow mixed use. Do not understand what the Commission is trying to do.
· Concerned about what the Town is going to allow for new construction in Village Districts.

· Concerned about Page 26, Village District #4 and #5 – bookending streets and homes in between.
· Concerned about Page 20, Road Policies, Item #3 – Recommend change to 24 feet.
· None of the Airport property be part of the Village District.

Some public residents present brought up their concern for the application submitted for affordable elderly housing on the Airport Property. (Application was withdrawn) Derry Gorski, First Selectman, reviewed the application that was being proposed and stated the application has been withdrawn and is no longer viable.

The public was encouraged to submit written comments on the POCD and these comments will be submitted to the Commission.

Chair Huxley thanked everyone for attending the meeting and getting involved.

Chairman Huxley adjourned the Special Meeting at 9:35 p.m.
Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted,

Antonia Marek, Clerk
For the Planning and Zoning Commission