Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Special Meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission of Wednesday, January 17, 2018, commenced at 7:02 p.m.
The following Commission Members were present:
Kimberly McClure Brinton, Chair
Michael Calhoun, Vice-Chair
Donna Shea, Member
Bob Harrison, Member
Alex Hutchinson, Member              
Eric McDonald, Alternate Member
Carol Lambiase, Alternate Member
The following Commission Member was excused:
Brad Buchta, Alternate Member
Also present were:  Hiram Peck, Planning Consultant
                                 Kevin McSherry, Town Attorney
                                 Isabel Kearns, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Discussion and possible action on development at 667-687 Amity Road, CFC for review of status of all approved plans and owners request for a temporary and partial CO
Present for this discussion were Matt Micros and Steve Coxon, owners of the subject property.
In discussion, some items mentioned by Mr. Micros were:
  • Submitted two planting estimates from Blue Sky Wholesale Nursery.
  • Building work completed.
  • Building official checked lighting, bathrooms, etc.
  • Shields for lights ordered for exterior lighting.
  • Would like to post bond for landscaping and will complete landscaping in spring.
  • Have contacted a new Architect, Kosinski Architecture of Branford, Connecticut.
In discussion, some items of concern mentioned by Commission Members were:
  • Need a plan with elevations.
  • Need landscaping plan.
  • Lights on exterior of building not the same as light in plan that was approved.
  • More lights on exterior installed than what is on approved plan.
  • No septic system approval at this time.
Hiram Peck, Planning Consultant and Kevin McSherry, Town Attorney reviewed the items of concern and discussed the bonding issue.
Mr. Peck recommended the Commission determine a bonding number to address all landscaping and lighting issues.  Also, Mr. Peck mentioned the original plan had potential parking in the rear and it is now constructed and that the owners need to submit an asbuilt that reflects all the revisions; such as, the parking in the rear, walls constructed, lighting, and landscaping
Also, Mr. Peck asked the owner’s electrician submit specifications of the exterior lighting that was installed which is different from what was approved.
It was moved by Calhoun and seconded by Hutchinson that the bond amount shall be set for $80,000.00 and in a form acceptable by the Town Attorney.   The owners shall complete the following:  (1) Full cutoff lighting shall be installed with verification in writing from the electrician of what was installed.  (2) Landscaping shall be completed including labor and plantings. (3)  Asbuilt plan shall be submitted showing all revisions from approved drawing including elevations.  (4) Landscaping elevation plan shall be submitted completed by a landscape architect.
Vote:  5 to 0.
Voting:  Brinton, Calhoun, Shea, Hutchinson, Harrison.
Unanimous approval.
There being no more further discussion, at 7:50 p.m. it was moved by Hutchinson and seconded by Harrison to conclude the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Antonia R. Marek, Clerk
For the Planning and Zoning Commission
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