Friday, December 16, 2016

NOVEMBER 15, 2016

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Attendance:  John Ford IV, Robert Brinton Jr., Sally Huyser, Sharon Huxley, Melissa Spear
Visitors:  Thomas Broesler, Michael Battista
Temporary Chairman John Ford IV called the meeting of the Board of Finance to order at 7:07 p.m.  The meeting was held in the Selectmen’s Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall. 
Temporary Chairman Ford called for a motion to appoint Melissa Spear to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Chip Spear.  Sally Huyser moved the motion to appoint Melissa Spear to the Board of Finance, to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Chip Spear.  Melissa’s term to expire date of next municipal election in May 2017.  Sharon Huxley seconded the motion.  The vote taken was unanimous.
Temporary Chairman Ford called for a motion to approve the minutes of January 12, 2016.  The motion was moved by Sally Huyser and seconded by Sharon Huxley to approve the minutes of the January 12, 2016 meeting.  Sally Huyser then moved to amend the resolution passed at that meeting as follows:
Resolved, that the Board of Finance transfer up to $5,000 from the Contingency Fund  for the evaluation of the Request for Proposals and selection of the vendor for the Bethany Volunteer Fire Department Radio System Project.  The Town declares its official intent under Federal Income Tax Regulation Section 1.150-2 that it reasonably expects to reimburse any expenditures pursuant to this transfer from the proceeds of project borrowings, if subsequently approved, in an aggregate principal amount not in excess of the amount of this transfer.  
The amended minutes were then approved on a vote of 4 yes votes.  Melissa Spear abstained because she was not on the Board of Finance at that time. 
Temporary Chairman Ford called for a motion of approval for the minutes of the meeting of October 18, 2016.  The motion was moved by Sharon Huxley and seconded by Sally Huyser.  There were no changes to the minutes of that meeting.  The minutes were approved on a vote of 4 yes votes.  Melissa Spear abstained from voting.
First Selectwoman Gorski requested approval from the Board of Finance to purchase a new Ford Explorer for the Police/Constables, with funds being taken from the Police Revenue account.  There is a balance in this account of $66,000.  To purchase this vehicle off of the State Contract would cost $45,000.  Sharon Huxley moved to recommend to the upcoming Special Town meeting of November 29, 2016 the purchase of a Ford Explorer up to the sum of $45,000 to be purchased off the State Contract.  Sally Huyser seconded the motion.  The vote taken was unanimous. 
Temporary Chairman Ford reported for Chairman Grabowski who had attended the last Amity Finance meeting, that they expect to have an approximate $615,000 surplus at the end of this fiscal year.
The Town of Orange is not happy with the approximate $400,000 increase in their budget. 
The salary increase request of the Assistant Tax Collector was tabled until the Assistant Tax Collector’s course is completed and Tax Assistant Fran Doba has received her certificate of completion.
First Selectwoman Gorski reported that she had accepted the Path Finder’s award from Working Land Alliance given to the Town of Bethany for preserving the Carrington Property. 
Michael Battista reported that the audit for fiscal year 2015-16 is going well.  It appears that there will be a surplus of $412,000 in this budget.  He distributed a draft of the report to Board members.  He indicated that the budget for Public Safety was over spent because at the time of budget approval, it appeared that the State of Connecticut would charge the Town 70% of the salary of the Resident Trooper.  The town was billed for 85% of his salary.  The salary of $50,243 for the Finance Director was not in the approved budget either.   Despite the over expenditures the surplus was due to an under-expenditure for Medical Insurance and a good tax collection rate. 
Tom Broesler distributed a quarterly report for fiscal year 2016-17.  The Board reviewed the report.  Board members commented that it was good to finally have a report however they would like them a couple of days before the meeting to be able to review it. 
Tom briefly discussed progress in looking at new financial software. 
Adjournment was called at 7:55 p.m. after a motion was moved by Melissa Spear and seconded by Sally Huyser.
                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                June G. Riley
                                                                                                Clerk, Board of Finance