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NOVEMBER 10, 2009
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Attendance: Chairman Janet Brunwin, Robert Brinton Jr. , Steven Squinto, Sally Huyser, John Grabowski, Chip Spear, First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski
Visitors: Randy Raddatz, Richard Van Horn
Chairman Brunwin called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall.

Chairman Brunwin moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion seconded by Squinto. Chairman Brunwin amended the minutes regarding the Amity surplus as follows: It is estimated that after the audit is complete there will be a surplus of $52,000 for fiscal year 2008-09 returned to Bethany. The Finance Review Committee has met and developed a Management Letter at their first meeting to address the auditor’s letter. The vote was called. The vote was unanimous for acceptance as amended.

Randy Raddatz and Richard Van Horn were present to discuss the issue raised at the recent special Town Meeting by them, regarding approval of an over-expenditure from the Capital Expenditure Account for road work after the fact. Attorney McSherry had explained to the Selectmen at their last meet that under State Statute 7-348 that such an expenditure for emergency road work can be done and approval received after the fact. First Selectwoman Gorski and Alan Green had kept the Board of Finance abreast of the problem in question for Pine Brook Crossing, which was due to excess rain fall at the time of repair. First Selectwoman Gorski will further discuss this with Attorney McSherry.

Chairman Brunwin reports that she attended the Amity Financial Meeting. The October 1, 2009 enrollment number will be used to set each town’s percentages of budget for fiscal year 2010-11. Bethany’s percentage will be down from 21.259% to 21.117%. It is estimated at this time that Amity’s total budget will increase by 4.8%.

Amity has received $100,000 in an insurance settlement for the embezzlement case.

Amity Superintendent, John Brady has signed a three year contract. There will be no increase the first year of the contract, a 5% increase in salary the second year of the contract, and a 6% increase the third year.

The auditors have indicated that money will need to be moved from under-expended line items to over-expended line item when the books are closed. They are recommending better fiscal control. Reporting of Capital Expenditure accounts and their expenditures should be reviewed more frequently.

Chairman Brunwin is looking into cost of bonding for major road repairs. To estimate cost of bonding she will consult with Bill Lindsley of IBIC.

First Selectwoman Gorski reported that the Facilities Committee has had a meeting and they are co-ordinating a future Capital Expenditures list for all Town buildings. They are seeking quotes for the replacement of windows for Town Hall, to be paid for with the $41,117 Energy Conservation Grant.

The tentative plan is to hold a Special Town December 7, 2009 to present the Airport Hanger project to the Town for discussion.

Adjournment was called at 8:45 p.m. after a motion was moved by Huyser and seconded by Spear. The vote taken was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

June G. Riley
Clerk, Board of Finance