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Approved Minutes for DAC Board Meeting November 12, 2009

Present: Joan Blaskey, Joseph Hellauer, Cheryl Lipson, Brian Laubstein, DVM, Fred Dray, James Zeoli, Pamela Andreson, Clerk

Staff: Paul Niedmann, Dottie Bedan

1) Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Blaskey at 7:35 PM.
2) Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
3) Introductions.
4) Review and approval of October 8, 2009 meeting. Change treasurer's report from Joseph Hellauer to Joan Blaskey. Motion to approve minutes with correction by Laubstein/Dray. Hellauer, Lipson, Laubstein, Dray and Zeoli approved. Hellauer abstained. Special meeting of 10/22/2009 was an executive session. Call to order at 7:00 PM. Adjourned at 10:00 PM.
5) Census – Fred Dray: Out take: 13 redeemed, 6 sold as pets, 4 Carried over. There were 0 bites, 108 complaints, and 4 summons issued.
6) Lead ACO report – Paul Niedmann: Volunteer wants to put up a canopy over cat feeding area. Goat problem. Goats are wandering onto Route 63. One was hit by a car. Niedmann asked Zeoli if he can give owner a ticket. Zeoli believes that a written warning can be issued as this is a public safety issue. Also told Niedmann to contact State Police. Also suggested Niedmann contact Derry Gorski and ask her to contact goat owners. Neighborhood feud going on in Bethany regarding pets.
7) Treasurer's Report – Joe Hellauer: Checking account has $2,296.35. Money Market account has $14,611.47. Total $16,907.82. Motion by Zeoli/Dray to accept Treasurer's Report. All approved. Vet bill of $2,000.00 was questioned. Dottie explained it was for paying down a vet bill from July.
8) Public – Jeannine Russo thanked Dray for photos for Pumpkin Jamboree. AARF board members approved donating $300.00 toward past vet bills. AARF also requested that ACO's contact them for issues regarding vet bills that will exceed usual and customary costs.
9) Chairman's Report – Joan Blaskey:
· Blaskey suggested a Christmas Fund Raiser either T-shirts or Raffle. Dray suggested bring back the Fund Raising letter of the past.
10) Motion to go into executive session by Zeoli/Dray to discuss personnel issues at 8:20 PM. All in favor. No motions made, no actions taken during executive session. Return to regular session at 9:43 PM.
11) Regular session was resumed at 9:44PM. Motion by Zeoli/Dray to suspend Assistant ACO, Culmo, without pay for the period 11/16//2009 through 11/22/2009. Unanimous approval.
12) Motion by Dray/Laubstein to accept the revised Lead and Assistant ACO job descriptions. All approved.
13) Adjourned at 9:57 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Andreson