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DECEMBER 13, 2010
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Attendance: First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski, Selectman Donald Shea, Selectman Steven Thornquist
Visitors: Attorney Kevin McSherry, Susan Martens, Carol Goldberg, Kathleen Schurman
First Selectwoman Gorski called the meeting of the Board of Selectmen to order at 7:45 p.m. The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall. The first order of business was check signing. First Selectwoman Gorski asked all to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

First Selectwoman Gorski called for a motion of approval for the minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2010. The motion was moved by Selectman Shea and seconded by Selectman Thornquist. There were no changes to the minutes. The vote was called. The vote taken was unanimous.

The Selectmen rejected the bid of SGR Fund Raising to conduct a fundraising campaign for the Airport Community Recreation Center. This was the only bid received. The committee has decided to seek volunteers from the community under the direction of Nancy Cassella and see how much funding can be raised.

Selectman Thornquist moved to refund a total of $85.18 for overpayment of taxes to Donna Gruskay for $30.38, to Erin Meskill for $51.71 and to Wendell or Anne Raddatz for 3.09. Selectman Shea seconded the motion. The vote taken was unanimous.

Susan Martens was present to speak to the Selectmen regarding the lack of signage at the Methodist and Carrington Cemeteries. Martens presented sample of signage as designed by Kathy Hubbard. She also had a quotation for the total cost including installation. Following discussion the Selectmen agreed in concept to the idea of signage for these two locations, however at the conclusion of discussion Selectman Thornquist moved a motion to get approval for the signs from Planning and Zoning and pending this approval to go out to bid for the project. Selectman Shea seconded the motion. The vote taken was unanimous.

First Selectwoman Gorski reported that the town of Orange Board of Selectmen has voted to withdraw from the District Animal Control. There is a six months window prior to withdrawal. The DAC Board has voted to subcontract with the town of Woodbridge Finance Office to handle bill paying for them at this time.

The lease for the cell tower, on Airport property, near the Town Garage will be up in less than five years. AT&T has approached the town to discuss details of the next lease. Changes made to this lease may need approval of the Sitting Council. This is a lengthy procedure.

First Selectwoman Gorski reported that the Amity Pop Warner cheerleaders won the National Cheerleaders competition.

The audit for fiscal year 2009-10 is complete. It will be presented to the Board of Finance tomorrow evening.

The Town Hall will be closing December 23, 2010 at 12:00 noon for the Christmas Holiday. The Town Hall will re-open on Tuesday December 28, 2010. The Town Hall will be closed December 31, 2010 in observance of the New Year’s Holiday.

Adjournment was called at 8:10 p.m. after a motion was moved by Selectman Thornquist and seconded by Selectman Shea. The vote taken was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

June G. Riley
Secretary, Board of Finance