Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conservation Commission
Special Meeting/Property Walk

May 1, 2011

The meeting was held at the proposed “Hopp Brook Resubdivision” at 100 Bear Hill Rd, Bethany, Connecticut. The meeting was called to order at 9:35am by Chairman Bruce Loomis. Other members in attendance were Brian Eitzer and Cathy Rives. Also attending were owners Chris and Nancy Stoyer. The Stoyers were there to answer questions but did not walk the property with the commission.

The land proposed as Open Space and for conservation and trail easement has no reasonable and easy access without crossing land owned by others or crossing Hopp Brook, which is not safely practical. If the abandoned road that runs east/west along the north side could be legally used from Bear Hill down to this property where it parallels Keagan Drive there then would be access. However, as it appears this section of the property has no access.

The commission discussed with Mr. Stoyer the possibility of an additional trail easement of 20-25 feet in width to follow Hopp Brook along the more northerly and westerly side of the brook, and Mr. Stoyer felt that would not be a problem.

After Mr. Stoyer had left, the idea came up of possibly a wider easement along the part of Hopp Brook from Miller Road in the southwest part of the property up to approximately where the site plan show a stone wall about in line with the east/west southerly boundary of lot #1. This would allow more options where small tributaries and wet areas exist. Possibly a 50 foot easement in this area.

The meeting/site walk was adjourned approx. 11:00am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Loomis