Tuesday, August 13, 2013



June 4, 2013

Bethany Town Hall Selectmen’s Conference Room

PRESENT: John Paul Garcia - Committee Co-Chair

Namita Wijesekera - Committee Co-Chair

Mary Sofair – Committee Secretary

John Grabowski - Committee Member

Rob White - Committee Member

Chip Spear- Committee Member

Bill Caliendo - Committee Member

1. Call to order 7:30 PM.

2. Linda Siclari-Stewart of Logistic Estimating Service present ( Third Party Estimator). Request made for her company to give comparison of stick-built versus modular construction for proposed approx. 12,000 square foot addition as agreed to in her estimate of services. Also requested for her to give us an estimate of the cost of demolishing the annexes. (Mary Sofair arrived at 8:00PM). Presentation of proposed project given to Ms. Siclari-Stewart. Questions and answers followed. She hopes to have information to us within 2 weeks.

3. Approval of minutes. Motion to approve Building Committee minutes from May 22, 2013 by N. Wijesekera. Seconded by Bill Caliendo. Vote: JP Garcia, N. Wijesekera, M. Sofair, J. Grabowski, R. White, B. Caliendo in favor. C. Spear abstained. Motion approved.

4. Visitor Comments: Request for committee to continue process as efficiently as possible.

5. Motion to adjourn by John Paul Garcia. Second by John Grabowski . Meeting adjourned 9:20PM.