Monday, March 17, 2014

Bethany Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2013

Time:                                                      8:00pm – 9:15pm

Committee Attendees:       Brian Eitzer, Bruce Loomis, Dorothy Seaton, Lisa Tavolacci

Absent:                                  Shaukat Khan, Cathy Rives


Presenters: Green Haven

Contacts:                   Brenda Caldwell, 6 Brookwood Road,

                                    Dick Margulis,, 203-389-4413

Consultant:                Ethan Roland, Appleseed Permaculture

Civil Engineer:          Chris Hulk, Milone & MacBroom


Meeting called to order at 8:00pm by Bruce Loomis.


1. Green Haven Presentation for the former Halter property on Meyers Road

Moved to top of meeting agenda


Green Haven presentation highlights:

  • 30 homes on former Elsie Halter estate
  • Want to preserve farmland in town
  • Plan to rehabilitate existing historic home on property
  • Embracing “organic agriculture”
  • Minimal building area on property with open space
  • Future wildlife ponds to be built on property
  • Potential public access to conservation land
  • Compared Green Haven Halter footprint to Halter Estates footprint
  • Want to modify Section 9 of P&Z Regulations from over 55 to multi-generation - modification of existing approval
  • Put in Affordable Housing Application
  • Adjustment to HUD zone Section 830G to allow for greater density


After presentation, commission asked preliminary questions:

Eitzer: What are the plans for the rehabilitation of historic home on property?

Green Haven (GH): Possibilities are meeting room, extra bedroom, museum

Eitzer: Asked for GH to go over road and septics


Floor open for public comment:

  • Patsy Wiener, 7 Carrington Road, in favor - Stated Green Haven hasn’t decided how to formerly “conserve” open space
  • Louis Harter, 64 Meyers Road, in favor - Need to take into account permeability


2. Minutes of Prior Meetings – August & May

Both August and May minutes were approved on October 10, 2013.  The October meeting minutes (10/10/2013) were not available for review.


3. Bills and Correspondence

CT Conservation Council is requesting Bethany Conservation Commission (BCC) become members.  Bruce suggested $250 joint membership with Bethany Inland Wetlands Commission (BIWC).  Each commission pays $125.  Bruce motioned to entertain joining CT Conservation Council.  Brian seconded to open up discussion why we should join.  Bruce stated this council is another conservation watchdog group.  Since there are different monetary levels to join, it was suggested the BCC join at the $100 Supporting Member level in conjunction with BIWC -- splitting the cost between the two organizations ($50 each).  This would allow BCC to evaluate membership to see its worth.  Motion to join CT Conservation Council at Supporting Member level ($100) if BIWC is in agreement.  All present were in favor.


4. Upcoming CACIWC conference

Lisa Tavolacci, Bruce Loomis and Brian Eitzer will be attending.


5. Discussion with Inland Wetlands regarding Veteran’s Memorial Park

Removed from agenda.  If both commissions have availability, discussion will take place in January.


6. Discussion of Amity Road business zone (executive session): Deferred to a future meeting


7. Continued discussion of 2014 meeting schedule

2014 Meeting schedule will remain as initially proposed – the 2nd Thursday of the month


8. New Business

A. Amity Road Subdivision

77 Amity Road – Commercial Development 4 lot subdivision

Application for waiver of open space requirement


Subdivision Regulation as revised July 16, 2007

Section 11.4              Applicant has not provided for open space set aside per regulation (20% open space)

Section 11.4.c           Applicant has not consulted with Bethany Conservation Commission

Section 11.4.f 8        Option to pay a fee in lieu of open space: 10% FMV (fair market value) of the undeveloped (raw) land.

Bruce - Motion to deny waiver of open space requirement based on the following:

a)       Apparent for profit subdivision

b)       Fee in lieu is available under Section 11.4.f 8 and pursuant to CGS 8-25

c)       Conservation Commission sees no compelling reason to approve waiver

Brian seconded the motion.  All members present approved motion to deny waiver of open space requirement.


B. Green Haven site walk: Bruce to schedule walk prior to 12/11


C. Joey Choiniere – Amity High School senior

  • Auditing meeting for his Critical Issues Class
  • Asked members questions as to the role and running of the commission


Lisa motioned to adjourn meeting at 9:15pm.  Brian seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Seaton