Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bethany Conservation Commission January 14, 2016 

Minutes (Unapproved)


Present: Bruce Loomis, Cathy Rives, Shaukat Khan, Matthew Popp, Patricia Winer

Absent: Brian Eitzer

Also Present: James Woodward; Paul Jessel, Attorney for Mr. Woodward; Mike Obymachow, Engineer for Mr. Woodward; Linda Francois, President of the Bethany Land Trust and other members of the Land Trust


Bruce opened the meeting at 8:09.


Patricia Winer was appointed to vote in place of Brian Eitzer


Bruce gave a brief history of the applicant's (Mr. Woodward's) relationship with The Conservation Commission with respect to the Mesa Drive property. The applicant had previously offered a fee in lieu of open space on 17 acres to be developed as five lots. Bruce reminded the Commission that based on the subdivision regulations the open space set-aside should be on the total 82 acres of property.


The applicant then explained the areas he now proposes to offer as open space. This would include a trail that would lead off Mesa Drive and would open out, ending at the discontinued Northrup Road. He would withdraw the previous offer of a fee in lieu, but the new proposal would include about 36 acres of open space. They will draw up a site plan showing the areas to be reserved as open space as part of their pending application before Planning and Zoning, and when they have something more concrete to put before the Conservation Commission they will ask for a special meeting.


Linda Francois expressed concern about access to Northrup Rd. which has been abandoned. Bruce will ask Isabel Kearns to research the status of the road and access to it.


Cathy Rives moved to approve minutes of the December meeting. Bruce Loomis seconded. Those present at that meeting voted in favor, and the minutes were approved.


There were no bills or correspondence.


Scenic Roads: Bruce suggested writing another letter to the selectmen but said that he was not ready to formulate this now.


Yellow striping on roads: Matthew Popp has tried to contact Crisco. Bruce has tried to contact the Woodbridge Public Works Department through Cyndi Pecca, but he has not heard back. Woodbridge is doing the double striping. We would like to avoid this in the future for scenic roads.


Rewrite of Planning and Zoning Regulations: Bruce asked if there was anything we wanted to suggest they deal with, such as free-standing solar installations or wind turbines.


At 9:14 the Commission entered executive session to discuss Conservationist of the Year. At 9:22 we exited executive session. No votes were taken.


Rid Litter Day: It was agreed we would not do anything officially as a group but that we would take part as individuals.


Shaukat Khan moved to adjourn at 9:25. Patricia Winer seconded. Unanimous approval.


Respectfully submitted, Patricia Winer, Secretary Pro Tem