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NOVEMBER 14, 2017
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Attendance:   John Ford IV, Sharon Huxley, Melissa Spear, Katie Erickson, Sally Huyser
Visitors:  First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski, Fran Doba, Thomas Broesler
Temporary Chairman John Ford IV in the absence of Chairman John Grabowski called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.  The meeting was held in the Selectmen’s Conference Room of the Bethany Town Hall.
Temporary Chairman John Ford IV called for a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of September 12, 2017.  The motion of approval was moved by Sharon Huxley and seconded by Katie Erickson.  There were no changes to the minutes.  The minutes were then approved on a unanimous vote.
Temporary Chairman Ford gave a report for Chairman Grabowski regarding the Amity surplus.  The surplus is $800,000.  The Superintendent and Board of Education are requesting that $500,000 be kept for future capital projects.  The three towns would then be given a refund proportionately. A meeting will be held either in January or February to discuss this matter.
The Board of Selectmen received a letter from Chief Cogill requesting that the Town of Bethany reimburse the Fire Department the sum of $6,791.52 for the replacement of forest fire equipment.  These funds will cover lost equipment, food, and fuel and forestry fire hose.  The fire department has applied for a grant from the State of Connecticut for $15,767.52.  If this sum is received then the Town of Bethany would be reimbursed.  The fire was in the woods off Wooding Hill Road.  The towns of Beacon Falls, Seymour and Hamden gave mutual aid to help battle this fire which lasted from 9/28/17-10/22/17 when it was finally put out with help from Mother Nature. 
Following discussion Sharon Huxley moved to approve the request of Bethany Volunteer Fire Department for $6,792 to reimburse BVFD for food and fuel costs incurred and to purchase equipment and forest fire hose  lost fighting the on- going brush fire at Wooding Hill Road from 9/28/17 to 10/22/17 to be taken from the Contingency Fund.   The vote taken was unanimous.  If BVFD’s request for reimbursement from Connecticut Forest Fire Control and Fire Program Management is approved BVFD shall repay the Contingency Fund.  Melissa Spear seconded the motion.  The vote taken was unanimous.
First Selectwoman Gorski updated the Board of Finance regarding memorial benches at Veterans Memorial Park.  The benches would be sent to the Town at a cost of $1,435.  The cost to the donor would be $1,700 which would include installation.  The Highway Department would do the installation.
The State Budget has finally passed.  Since some of the anticipated cuts were restored there will be no need to send out mid- year supplemental tax bills.
Thomas Broesler distributed a budget report for the period July 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017.  Tom had nothing to report when questioned about progress in finding an accounting package. 
Michael Battista was present to give an updated report to the Board of Finance on the progress of the audit for 2016-17.  Michael reports that there should be an approximate surplus of $617,000 due mostly due to good prior year tax collections. 
Michal distributed a list of Capital Expenditures to be reviewed by the Board of Finance.  Some of the projects are complete and came in under budget.  A vote would need to be taken by the Board of Finance to close these accounts and the funds returned to the Capital Expenditure account for future projects.  First Selectwoman Gorski and Tom Broesler will make recommendations on what projects are complete for account that can be closed. 
First Selectwoman Gorski reported that Nancy Jansen will do the bank reconciliation’s in the future.
Melissa Spear has been attending the Teacher’s Contract Negotiation meetings.  An agreement has been reached for a 7.6% increase over a three year period.
Tax Collector Francis Doba was present to request that an account for Thomas L. Foster for $207.20 be suspended.  The Board agreed unanimously that this account should be suspended.
Tax Collector Francis Doba distributed a comparative report for last year and this year for tax collections for the Board to review. 
Adjournment was called after a motion was moved by Sharon Huxley and seconded by Melissa Spear at 8:20 p.m.  The vote taken was unanimous.
                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                June G. Riley
                                                                                                Clerk, Board of Finance