Friday, September 21, 2012

Bethany Cemetery Committee (BCC) August 20, 2012

In attendance: Will Brinton, Carol Goldberg, Tony Esposito, Pat Stewart, Mary Ehrler and guests: Steve Press Jr., Kris Sullivan

Absent: Don Shea, Steve Thornquist, June Riley

Mary asked Pat to take minutes of this meeting.

1) Meeting called to order @ 7:19 PM

2) Minutes of July 30, 2012 were not available for review.

3) A decision has not yet been reached by the Selectmen for the Cemetery “Committee” to become a “Commission”. Will is going to attend the Selectman’s meeting on August 27 and ask that this be placed on the Selectman’s agenda.

4) Mapping of the Carrington Cemetery has been started by the Town Engineer, but more work is needed.

5) Carol brought up the issue of markers that may not be associated with buried bodies. These are known as cenotaphs and are memorials to individuals whose remains are not actually located in the cemeteries. There are a few of these in Bethany.

6) A walk-through will take place with Skip Clark who is responsible of headstone maintenance at the Orange Center Cemetery. The purpose is to review what can be expected at the Bethany cemeteries and the walk-through will be conducted on August 25th at 10:00AM. Tony, Will, Mary, and Steve will attend the walk.

7) Harkness has submitted a proposal for cemetery tree work. Will is going to follow up on this at the Selectmen’s meeting on August 27th.

8) Will reported that the Bethany Public Works Dept. is now doing the mowing at the town cemeteries. Previously this was done by a private landscaper.

9) Committee members are again asked to send any remaining “rules and regulations” from surrounding towns to Carol for her compilation. Also requested by Carol that all suggestions for Bethany’s cemetery maintenance be forwarded to her.

10) Carol asked if the following should be included in the “rules and regulation”: Mausoleums and Family Plots? The Committee decided these two conditions should not be included. However, lot fees will be considered and included in the “rules and regulations”.

11) Next meetings: October 15 @ 7:00PM

November 19 @ 7:00PM

December 17 @ 7:00PM

10) Adjournment called by Will: 1st Carol, 2nd Kris and all agree.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Stewart, Acting Secretary