Tuesday, June 16, 2015



                                     APRIL 19, 2015



The meeting convened in the parking area by Public Works at 10:05AM.  Present were Chairman Bruce Loomis, Cathy Rives, Brian Eitzer, and Patricia Winer.  Shaukat Kahn joined the walk in progress at 10:20AM.


Absent were Dorothy Seaton and Matthew Popp.


After looking at the existing area north of the horse rings that can be used for warm up and also gets used for tractor pull events we walked around the north ring and then to the west side tree line noting the two utility poles and the storage trailer.  We then proceeded south of the storage trailer and around the south end of the south horse ring noting the terrain and the road to the old recycle center.


From there we crossed to the east side of the property by the hanger structure and walked along the east tree line to the Public Works/Fire Dept. entry road.


The meeting/site visit adjourned at 10:50AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Bruce Loomis, Chairman