Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bethany Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2015


Time:                                                      8:11pm – 9:16pm

Committee Attendees:                       Brian Eitzer, Shakut Khan (arrived 8:40), Bruce Loomis, Matt Popp, Dorothy Seaton, Patsy Winer

Absent:                                  Cathy Rives


Meeting called to order at 8:11pm by Bruce Loomis.   Patsy appointed as voting member in lieu of Shakut’s absence. Matt appointed as voting member in lieu of Cathy’s absence.


1. Review minutes of prior meetings

April 9, 2015 Commission Meeting Minutes were reviewed.  Brian motioned to accept minutes as presented.  Matt seconded.   Correction suggested: Paragraph 9 - change his to he.  Minutes approved as corrected.


April 19, 2015 Airport Sight Walk Minutes were reviewed.  Brian motioned to accept minutes as presented.  Patsy seconded.  Minutes approved with no objections.


2. Bills and Correspondence

No bills.  Bruce distributed the CACIWC newsletter – The Habitat Spring 2015.  The annual CACIWC conference is scheduled for November 14, 2015.


3.Horse Ring Proposal – Follow-up

The Commission reviewed the (12) questions/comments drafted to obtain information on the Airport Horse Ring Modification Proposal. 

Action Item:  Bruce will send these Conservation Commission Questions and Comments to Planning & Zoning along with a cover letter.


4. COY and future criteria

The Commission went into executive session at 8:33pm to discuss the 2015 Conservationist of the Year.  Exited executive session at 8:37pm.


The Commission reviewed the Town of Bethany Conservationist of the Year (COY) Form with the following additions/changes:

·         Add: Award established in 1972.

·         Paragraph 1: Add preservation after conservation.

·         Paragraph 4: Add “Should the Conservation Commission name a Conservationist of the Year, the award will be presented at the annual Bethany Town Meeting.

·         Under Deadline:  Change submission deadline to February 28.

·         Under Submittals: Change submissions from (4) pages to (2).


The Commission then discussed the potential distribution logistics for the COY Form:

·         Copies in Town Clerk’s office

·         In Bethany Town Newsletter: Announcement in October, Actual form in January

·         On Website


Action Item: Dorothy will update the Bethany COY Form with all additions/changes.


5. LAF and BOF Recommendation

The Board of Finance (BOF) raised the Land Acquisition Fund (LAF) budget line item from $25,000 to $50,000.


6. Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Regulations

The Commission has discussed the need for P&Z regulations for steep slopes and mailboxes.  Patsy will look into drafting these two regulations. 


Brian motioned to adjourn meeting at 9:16pm.  Patsy seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting scheduled for June 11, 2015.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Seaton

Secretary pro tem