Friday, October 26, 2012



OCTOBER 14, 2012

The special meeting was convened at 1:00pm at the sight of the property walk on the Cooper property in southern Bethany on the Woodbridge border adjoining Woodbridge land also owned by the Coopers and under conservation easement to the Bethany Land Trust.

In attendance were commission members Bruce Loomis, Brian Eitzer, Cathy Rives and Shaukat Kahn. Also in attendance, and leading the walk was property owner Peter Cooper, a Woodbridge resident.

Mr. Cooper lead us east on the Woodbridge side of the line along the border, then north across the Bethany property and continuing north onto South Central Regional Water land to the southern end of Lake Chamberlain. We then returned to the Cooper land heading south and then west to the top of the Bethany land we were viewing and back south to the Woodbridge land.

Mr. Cooper explained the history of his ownership of the land (acquired approximately 1972), and the features he felt were special and of importance.

The meeting concluded and we left the sight at about 2:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Loomis, Chairman

Bethany Conservation Commission