Friday, October 12, 2012

MINUTES OF THE LONG TERM FINANCIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETING OF THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012                                                                 Page 1 of 2

The meeting of the Long Term Financial Planning Committee commenced at 7:30 p.m. in the Commission Meeting Room of the Bethany Town Hall, 40 Peck Road, Bethany, Connecticut.

The following Committee Members were present:

Steve Squinto, Chair

Chip Spear

James Stirling

Aileen Magda

Sharon Huxley

Some of the areas of discussion were:

• Learned from survey that the Town doesn’t want to raise taxes.

• Completing power point presentation.

• What is the timeline for presentation? First Selectman Gorski entered meeting for a few minutes and stated she would like presentation completed by May, 2013.

Chair Squinto mentioned the Committee has a majority of the information needed for presentation such as:

• All demographic information about the Town.

• School budgets for last 5 years.

• Town of Bethany budgets for last 5 years.

• 5 year capital expenditure plan for all various departments and schools.

Chairman Squinto prepared a draft power point presentation which the Committee will use as its base.


• Board of Education budget and demographics over the last five to ten years – Jamie Sterling.

• Capital expenditure plan for the last five to ten years – Derry Gorski – need copies for next meeting. (Chip Spear to contact Derry Gorski.)

• Last five to ten year Town of Bethany Budget (revenues and expenses) – (Chip Spear to contact Janet Brunwin.)

• General Funds reserve for last ten years.

• Five to Ten years public works.

• Five to ten years safety.

• Five to ten years town employees and benefits.

• Five to ten years land acquisition.

Committee members to email Chair Squinto as to how they would like analyze prepared from survey results (age, income, children or no children) and then Chair Squinto will email Seamus McNamee from The Center for Research.

The Committee scheduled the next meeting for Wednesday, October 10, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. to continue working on the power point presentation.

Staff Support, Toni Marek, will copy for Committee members all data she has received from past meetings that relates to the information mentioned above.


There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Antonia R. Marek, Staff Support

For the Long Term Financial Planning Committee